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Every week­end I email a bird pho­to that I find inter­est­ing, fun­ny, unusu­al, or just plain beau­ti­ful to a select list.  A self-select­ed list, that is.  If you would like to be on it just reply at the end of this post. Here are sev­er­al recent pho­tos that I sent out. Peri­od­i­cal­ly I will add the lat­est Week­ly Bird at the top of this page and remove an old­er one. Check back every week to see the lat­est, or fill out the reply to this page and you will have one in your In-box on Sat­ur­day Morn­ing. Here are the most recent:

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Snowy Egret standing tall

Snowy Egret stand­ing tall


brown pelican diving

Tal­ley Ho!

Caspian Tern fishing

Take Out



Great Blue Heron ventilating

Great Blue Heron ven­ti­lat­ing

Peregrine Falcon blessing

The Bless­ing

Tree Swallows

Tree Swal­lows

Peregrine Falcon

Pere­grine Fal­con

Black-crowned Night Heron

Black-crowned Night Heron

Nest building Cattle Egret

Nest build­ing Cat­tle Egret

Great Egret in Flight

Great Egret in Flight

Northerrn Harrier

North­ern Har­ri­er

Sandhill Crane

Male Sand­hill Crane

Ring-billed Gull

Ring-billed Gull

Black Skimmer landing

Black Skim­mer land­ing

Red-tailed Hawk in flight

Red-tailed Hawk

Northern Harrier

North­ern Har­ri­er

Sandhill Cranes landing

Sand­hill Cranes land­ing

Ring-billed Gull, landing

Ring-billed Gull


If you would like to be added to the week­ly email list just ask. .


73 Responses to Bird of the Week

  1. Dave says:

    please add me to your week­ly email

  2. Pamela Lorenz says:

    A fel­low bird­er has been shar­ing your beau­ti­ful pho­tos with me.
    I enjoy them and would like to be added to your “Bird of the Week” list.
    Many thanks.

  3. George Shelby says:

    Please add me to your email blog list.

  4. Monica Lillya says:

    Dear Richard,
    I would love to be added to your list to receive your amaz­ing Bird of the Week Pho­tos. I just dis­cov­ered your blog and am delight­ed to learn about your adven­tures and obser­va­tions while pho­tograph­ing birds.
    I am an ama­teur pho­tog­ra­ph­er and try­ing out new ways to see nature and the won­ders that sur­round us. Birds are a new sub­ject for me, I need to learn a lot more about them. I took bird pho­tos on a trip recent­ly and dis­cov­ered your wise idea of sit­ting still and wait­ing to be most valu­able, (plus nec­es­sary for me to have any suc­cess to get a focused image!)

  5. Tom Theo says:

    Please put me on the list.

  6. Kent Werges says:

    please add to week­ly pho­to list. nice work!

  7. katycarl says:

    Hi, I’d appre­ci­ate being added to your bird of the week list. Thanks!

  8. Lyle Catledge says:

    I would love to receive your Bird of the Week. Thank you.

  9. richard gold says:

    Inspi­ra­tion for the begin­ning bird pho­tog­ra­ph­er.

  10. Nancy Barnard says:

    What won­der­ful pic­tures. Each one is spe­cial. Please add me to your list.

  11. Penny says:

    Hi Richard, please add me to your list. I appre­ci­ate your amaz­ing pho­tos. Thank you, Pen­ny

  12. Shirley Mitchell says:

    Please add me to you week­ly bird list. Beau­ti­ful joy­ous pho­tos!!

  13. Jen Fuller says:

    I would love to be on your week­ly bird pho­to list! Beau­ti­ful pho­tog­ra­phy you do Richard!

  14. Chuck says:

    Please add me to your email list. Thanks!

  15. Rita Martin says:

    Hi Richard,

    I would like to be added to the “Bird of the Week”

    Thank You,

  16. Deyea Harper says:

    Please add me to your pho­to list and bird blog. Thanks.
    Your pho­tos are absolute­ly great.

  17. Katharine Jessup says:

    Please add me to your list!


  18. Leonard Gilday says:

    A friend very gra­cious­ly sent me your link over Christ­mas — fab­u­lous pho­tos and good advice. Please add me to your “bird of the week” list.
    Cheers from Bowen Island, BC
    Len Gil­day

  19. Shelly Hamer says:

    I would love to see your amaz­ing bird of the week.
    Thank you for doing this!

  20. Ted Black says:

    Just seen the Red-tailed Hawk and Crow pic­ture. Can I please be added to your weeke­ly list.

    Ted Black

  21. Holly Stanley says:

    Hi Richard ‑a mutu­al friend sent me a link to your recent Great Blue Heron pho­to — stun­ning cap­ture of motion! I would enjoy receiv­ing your week­ly emails,

  22. adrienne says:

    Please add me to your email list; I am inter­est­ed in view­ing the bird of the week.

  23. Kathy Cheek says:

    Please add me to your week­ly list. So beau­ti­ful. Thank you.

  24. Sarah Brown says:

    Beau­ti­ful images! Thank you for shar­ing.

  25. Pamela Ball says:

    I moved, changed my email address and lost your fab­u­lous week­ly pho­tos. They are tru­ly missed so please add me once again to your list.
    Thanks so much.

  26. Ruth Massaro says:

    I would like to recieve the bird of the week emails. thank you!

  27. Beth Stevenson says:

    Can I be includ­ed in your week­ly e‑mail list, please?

  28. Marjorie Crump-Shears says:

    Your pho­tos and com­ments are price­less. Please add me to your week­ly list of emailed pho­tos. What a delight­ful way to begin a week!

    Thank you for shar­ing your artistry and pas­sion.

    Mar­jorie C‑S
    Cotati, CA

  29. Marsha Karr says:

    I would like to receive your bird pho­tos. Please add me to you list. Thanks, Mar­sha

  30. Dave Lombardi says:

    A great way to start the week – thanks!

  31. islam says:

    Thank­ful­ly some blog­gers can write. Thanks for this arti­cle.

  32. Joan Lamphier says:

    Please add me to you bird of the week list — you def­i­nite­ly are catch­ing these birds on the wing. Thank you for shar­ing such beau­ty.

  33. Dennis Buss says:

    Dear Richard,
    We met briefly this morn­ing (7/1/11) at Ellis Creek, Petaluma. You point­ed out where the North­ern Har­ri­ers can be seen and you gave me your busi­ness card. Please put me on your Sat­ur­day bird of the week list. I have been explor­ing your web­site and have found it to be very inspi­ra­tional, infor­ma­tive and inter­est­ing (three “i” words!). I had become some­what dis­cour­aged using my Olym­pus E620 with the 70 – 300mm Olym­pus lens and not get­ting the results I was hop­ing for. Your advice on using long tele­pho­to lens­es has encour­aged me to be more per­sis­tent in improv­ing my tech­nique. I look for­ward to receiv­ing your future post­ings.
    Best wish­es,
    Den­nis Buss

  34. Susie says:

    I would love to be on your list ! Love your pho­tos-

  35. Sister Gabriel O'Riordan says:

    Richard, please keep me on your list. Your pho­tographs are fab­u­lous. Con­grat­u­la­tions on observ­ing and cap­tur­ing so many spe­cial moments. God bless you for shar­ing!
    Thank you,
    Sis­ter Gabriel

  36. Marianne Stefancic says:

    Please add us to your list the bird pho­tos lift our spir­it. Thank you, Mar­i­anne and Stan

  37. Sybyl Ownchild says:

    A mem­ber of an AgeSong group I attend sent me your Bird of the Week. I love it; please add me to your list.
    Also, I’m notic­ing sev­er­al new bird cou­ples in my Canal neigh­bor­hood. They are black birds with yel­low beaks; they are small­er than crows, more the size of Red Wing Black­birds but small­er. They sit with their wing tops point­ing up sharply — like they are shrug­ging — but the ends of the wings hang straight down rather than being tucked against their bod­ies. also, their tails seem slight­ly longer than the oth­er birds around, almost with a droop like pea­cock feath­ers when com­plete­ly down.
    Their calls vary from shrill hiss­es to sharp clicks & a cou­ple of beau­ti­ful but short melodies. Any thoughts on who they might be?

  38. Richard Flout says:

    Please add me to your bird of the week list.

  39. Deanna Carveth says:

    Hi Richard,

    Please add me to your list as well. The red tail hawk fly­ing les­son series was fab­u­lous. You have a great eye, thank you.


  40. Mary Margaret says:

    Please add me to your bird of the week list. I’m vis­it­ing north­ern Flori­da and they have some amaz­ing birds vaca­tion­ing here.

  41. Nat says:

    I would enjoy receiv­ing your bird of the week shots. Many thanks…


  42. Ed Stetson says:


    I like your web­site!

  43. Sue Tarr says:

    How awe­some! Please add me to your list!

  44. Lindsay says:

    Please add me to the pho­to list too. These are great,

  45. Amade Colenbrander says:

    Please add my 9‑year old grand­son (above) to your mail­ing list.
    He is devel­op­ing a great inter­est in birds.

    Gus Colen­bran­der

  46. Terry Branscombe says:


    Found your site through some­one’s rec­om­men­da­tion to read your tips for hold­ing long teles. Won­der­ful arti­cle, spec­tac­u­lar images. I would love to receive your Bird of the Week. Thank you.

  47. Lindsay Murphy says:

    I would enjoy receiv­ing your week­ly Bird pho­to. I have recent­ly noticed and appre­ci­at­ed your pho­tographs in the Wild­care Newslet­ter and the Sil­ver Express pub­li­ca­tion. I know you from many years ago when my fam­i­ly ran a Trav­el Agency in Sausal­i­to.

  48. Meg says:

    Beau­ti­ful pic­tures. My Dad has been shar­ing them with me. I would like to please be added to your week­ly e‑mail list of Bird of the Week. Thank you.

  49. carolyn says:

    Neigh­bor­hood gos­sips! How sweet!!

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