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I have been a gen­er­al­ist pho­tog­ra­ph­er for many years. How­ev­er, some years back I became enchant­ed with a Great Egret,  one thing led to anoth­er and now I most­ly pho­to­graph birds. Espe­cial­ly birds in flight. That led me to won­der­ing about how birds move through the air. (I still hold a pilot’s license and have long been inter­est­ed in physics of flight.) So my won­der­ing turned into an explo­ration.

The result? An emerg­ing book, Avia­nau­tics, the Art and Sci­ence of Flap­ping Wings, a pho­to­graph­ic explo­ration of how birds fly.

Sausalito Harbor in the haze from a forest fireSausalito Harbor under the red haze of a far-off forest fire

Where am I? Most days I am in Sausal­i­to, Cal­i­for­nia where I live on a float­ing home. The view above is from the north end of Sausal­i­to Har­bor look­ing across the bay at San Fran­cis­co on a day when the sun was hid­den by the smoke from a for­est fire.

No, not a motor dri­ven ‘house­boat.’ My home has a 20 by 40 foot con­crete hull and is actu­al­ly a reg­u­lar house float­ing on the water. It does­n’t trav­el any­where, just ris­es and falls with the tide.

reflections of sailboat masts on the waterMast Lines

A true Water­col­or, paint­ed by Moth­er Nature

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  1. richard gold says:

    I filled out the info below but there was no “sub­mit” but­ton. I don’t know if you received my info so I can get your newslet­ter.

  2. Rick Meyer says:


    I met you this morn­ing while pho­tograph­ing egrets at the San­ta Rosa 9th Street rook­ery. We talked about oth­er bird pho­to ops in this area, and briefly dis­cussed your tech­nique for pho­tograph­ing birds in flight. You gave me your card sug­gest­ing that I send you an email.


  3. John H says:

    I’ve been tak­ing pho­tos of birds from my pow­ered para­chute and could use some help. Do you have an email to dis­cuss it?
    Love your site, by the way.

  4. Sor­ry if this long but it is some­thing I wrote about an encounter with a great blue heron that lead me to a fas­ci­na­tion with pho­tograph­ing birds in flight, not unlike your sto­ry…

    This morn­ing

    It was a kind of sad­ness that made me stop
    at the place I usu­al­ly just dri­ve by
    where grace found me in the form
    of a great blue heron who danced with me
    fol­low­ing my lead
    mov­ing away as I moved clos­er
    stop­ping to look at me as I looked at him
    then spread­ing his wings and grace­ful­ly
    fly­ing away with just a bit of my melan­choly

    Then it was a vir­tu­oso per­for­mance
    that sound­ed like five birds
    but was only one
    at the top of a wise old oak
    lit up against the dark sky that
    I had been drag­ging around all morn­ing
    it could only be a mock­ing­bird
    but I could not tell if was singing for me
    or at me — the intrud­er -
    or just singing

    Then out of the cor­ner of my eye a hawk
    plum­met­ing as if in hot pur­suit
    only to come to a screech­ing halt
    with a flour­ish of gold­en wings
    on the top of a tall tree

    Then a flash of gold and a song of delight
    the roller coast­er flight of my first goldfinch
    step­ping out in high style
    with his more sober­ly dressed mate

    As I sat down to write a quail stepped out
    of the bush five feet from me
    to tell me to wake up
    to rec­og­nize his par­tic­u­lar call as he
    and his fam­i­ly cir­cled around me
    as three egrets flew by in their aer­i­al bal­let
    and the goldfinch­es which I had thought long gone
    returned for an encore

    Ear­li­er I had longed for binoc­u­lars
    for my cam­era with the long lens
    to get clos­er to the great blue
    to this rare vis­i­ta­tion
    but I final­ly under­stood
    that this was not about chance
    or the right equip­ment
    at just the right moment

    It was all around me
    at all times and telling me
    (like the police­man near­by
    who gave me the speed­ing tick­et
    twice — in the same place!)
    to slow down
    to pay atten­tion

    How often we for­get
    that even those moments that feel
    like cross­ing a bar­ren desert
    will reveal them­selves to be teem­ing with life
    if we just


  5. Deedsy Indo says:

    Good after­noon Richard,

    I am a big fan (great blue heron big) of your work. I work right out­side of a win­dow that looks over a small lake and wild prairie and I am on the con­stant look­out for any wildlife activ­i­ties. Please add me to your week­ly emails and feel free to con­tact me to talk nature sto­ries any after­noon.

    Hap­py pho­to hunt­ing,


  6. Linda says:

    Hi Richard,
    Would you be able to present a col­lec­tion of your still wildlife pho­tos to my pho­to club called Wildlife Pho­tog­ra­phers of Sil­i­con Val­ley? We hold meet­ings the third Mon­day of every month at Har­ry’s Hof­brau in San Jose. Here is our URL:

    The pur­pose of our club is both enter­tain­ment and edu­ca­tion. There­fore, incor­po­rat­ing how you shot your pic­tures or gen­er­al tips are appre­ci­at­ed. Our club has a 1024x768 pro­jec­tor and screen avail­able. You can choose to present at our April through Novem­ber meet­ings.

    Please let me know if and when you are avail­able. Thanks!

  7. Robert J. Weaver says:

    i’m avid bird­er with about 50+ years in, since boy scouts, doing pho­tog­ra­phy last 30 years, so they both came togeth­er. Have been out to S.F. six or sev­en times, will be out two weeks begin­ning of May, could i make some requests as to where i would be best to vis­it, i’ve usu­al­ly been out in Oct. or Feb.,
    Your work is just amaz­ing, i’m quite more than impressed keep up your won­der­ful images, and add me to your emails,

    much thanks,
    Bob Weaver
    New­port, R.I.

    • admin says:

      I have added you to my email list

      • robert j. weaver says:

        Hel­lo R ichard,

        I’m now in S.F. with my friend & his wife, have been to the beach,
        and cliff house, pt. Reyes, tomor­row off to Mon­terey for two days,
        then anoth­er week here.

        Could you give me some help in where i might go to find some
        Trum­peter Swans to pho­to­graph???

        Haven’t had many shore­birds here, but hope to be able to
        pho­to­graph more at Elkhorn

        Num­ber i’m stay­ing at is (415)-401‑8218, or please email, maybe i’ll be for­tu­nate enough to catch up with you before i head back to R.I.,

        many thanks,

        Bob Weaver

  8. cay cross says:

    Would love to use your mag­nif­i­cent pho­to of the crow and the kite in our wildlife pro­files for kids. We would love to give full cred­it and your web­site link:) We need high res, 3“x5” and how you would like to be cred­it­ed.

    Won­der­ful work!
    cay cross

  9. Joe says:

    I was referred to your great site by Jaya at Adven­ture Bud­dies. I am a bird­er in the Sier­ra foothills and recent­ly attempt­ing the tran­si­tion from film to dig­i­tal. I like your site and would like to be added to your newsletter/blog

  10. Donna Kleinert says:

    I so enjoyed speak­ing with you today when you called about your air­lines reser­va­tion. Thank you for telling me about this site — I would so appre­ci­ate you includ­ing me in future emails and updates. Your pho­tog­ra­phy is superb and your obser­va­tions process is unique! Love it! What a great life! Thank you for bring­ing the beau­ty of cre­ation to all of us who are not able to trav­el to see it!

  11. Penny says:

    I love your work and look for­ward to the book!!

  12. Rob Browne says:

    I live in the SF Bay Area. Please include me in mail­ings on future exhibits.
    Thank you.

  13. Patty Spinks says:

    Your work is amaz­ing. I was able to see your exhib­it at the Atri­um in Green­brae not long ago… it was amaz­ing. I hope I get to meet you in per­son some day.

  14. Corona says:

    Your house sounds int­rig­ing!

  15. Clarissa Bush says:

    I love the cap­tion for Mast Lines!

  16. Bhimaprasad Maiti says:

    What a grat idea.All kudos to you

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