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A Murmuration of Starlings

Starlings are not the favorite bird of many birders, and I was not particularly fond of them. Despite their greenish tinged speckled black coats they are not well liked because they have multiplied fast and driven out many other smaller … Continue reading

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Running on the Water

Birds running on water? Well, yes, a number of birds do, pelagic birds that live on the oceans surface where they feed on plankton, fish, – and unfortunately these days – bits of plastic. The Black-footed Albatross is one such; … Continue reading

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Sandhill Crane Festival

A Sandhill Crane Festival is an inspiring event, one you, and the birds, will never forget. Continue reading

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Sandhill Cranes Dancing

Crane Dancing, the glue that keeps Sandhill Crane pairs bonded. Continue reading

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A Red-tailed Hawk’s first flights (Part 2, getting better)

The Juvenile Red-tail Hawk’s flying abilities rapidly improve Continue reading

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A Red-Tailed Hawk’s first flights (Part 1, getting started)

A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk’s tenuous first flights. Continue reading

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Hawks along the Freeway

It’s unusual to find Hawks hunting along freeways, but these two were. Continue reading

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Spoonfeeding Great Blue Heron Chicks

Great Blue Heron chicks are big and grabby, but someone has to feed them. Continue reading

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White-tailed Kite aerial exchanges

An aerial hand-off, where the male Kite brings food to his mate is a thrilling sight, one to equal the trapeze artists under the big-top. Continue reading

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Great Blue Herons Nesting

The stately ritual of nest-building Great Blue Herons is an ancient rite that demonstrates their commitment. Continue reading

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