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The Flying Jewels

Few birds are as stunning as the brilliantly iridescent hummingbirds. These brilliant colors that hummingbirds seemingly turn on and off at will are not colors made from pigments as are the colors of paint and ink. And the birds don’t … Continue reading

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A Murmuration of Starlings

Starlings are not the favorite bird of many birders, and I was not particularly fond of them. Despite their greenish tinged speckled black coats they are not well liked because they have multiplied fast and driven out many other smaller … Continue reading

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Kestrels, the Smallest Falcon

Click on any photo to get a larger image, use your back button to return. Often mistaken for a Hawk, the Kestrel is too small for a Hawk. This beautiful bird, a young adult male Kestrel, is the smallest in … Continue reading

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A GBH adopts the Wet Look

The weather is always a factor in a good photo, the sun should be at your back or at least not behind the bird, the wind should not be so high as to blow the bird and you around. But … Continue reading

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Running on the Water

Birds running on water? Well, yes, a number of birds do, pelagic birds that live on the oceans surface where they feed on plankton, fish, – and unfortunately these days – bits of plastic. The Black-footed Albatross is one such; … Continue reading

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Sandhill Crane Festival

A Sandhill Crane Festival is an inspiring event, one you, and the birds, will never forget. Continue reading

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Sandhill Cranes Dancing

Crane Dancing, the glue that keeps Sandhill Crane pairs bonded. Continue reading

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Two Hours with the Birds

Two hours in a photographers day Continue reading

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Handholding a long lens

How to handhold any telephoto lens Continue reading

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A Red-tailed Hawk’s first flights (Part 2, getting better)

The Juvenile Red-tail Hawk’s flying abilities rapidly improve Continue reading

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