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I have been a generalist photographer for many years. However, some years back I became enchanted with a Great Egret,  one thing led to another and now I mostly photograph birds. Especially birds in flight. That led me to wondering about how birds move through the air. (I still hold a pilot’s license and have long been interested in physics of flight.) So my wondering turned into an exploration.

The result? An emerging book, Avianautics, the Art and Science of Flapping Wings, a photographic exploration of how birds fly.

Sausalito Harbor in the haze from a forest fireSausalito Harbor under the red haze of a far-off forest fire

Where am I? Most days I am in Sausalito, California where I live on a floating home. The view above is from the north end of Sausalito Harbor looking across the bay at San Francisco on a day when the sun was hidden by the smoke from a forest fire.

No, not a motor driven ‘houseboat.’ My home has a 20 by 40 foot concrete hull and is actually a regular house floating on the water. It doesn’t travel anywhere, just rises and falls with the tide.

reflections of sailboat masts on the waterMast Lines

A true Watercolor, painted by Mother Nature

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  1. richard gold says:

    I filled out the info below but there was no “submit” button. I don’t know if you received my info so I can get your newsletter.

  2. Rick Meyer says:


    I met you this morning while photographing egrets at the Santa Rosa 9th Street rookery. We talked about other bird photo ops in this area, and briefly discussed your technique for photographing birds in flight. You gave me your card suggesting that I send you an email.


  3. John H says:

    I’ve been taking photos of birds from my powered parachute and could use some help. Do you have an email to discuss it?
    Love your site, by the way.

  4. Sorry if this long but it is something I wrote about an encounter with a great blue heron that lead me to a fascination with photographing birds in flight, not unlike your story…

    This morning

    It was a kind of sadness that made me stop
    at the place I usually just drive by
    where grace found me in the form
    of a great blue heron who danced with me
    following my lead
    moving away as I moved closer
    stopping to look at me as I looked at him
    then spreading his wings and gracefully
    flying away with just a bit of my melancholy

    Then it was a virtuoso performance
    that sounded like five birds
    but was only one
    at the top of a wise old oak
    lit up against the dark sky that
    I had been dragging around all morning
    it could only be a mockingbird
    but I could not tell if was singing for me
    or at me – the intruder –
    or just singing

    Then out of the corner of my eye a hawk
    plummeting as if in hot pursuit
    only to come to a screeching halt
    with a flourish of golden wings
    on the top of a tall tree

    Then a flash of gold and a song of delight
    the roller coaster flight of my first goldfinch
    stepping out in high style
    with his more soberly dressed mate

    As I sat down to write a quail stepped out
    of the bush five feet from me
    to tell me to wake up
    to recognize his particular call as he
    and his family circled around me
    as three egrets flew by in their aerial ballet
    and the goldfinches which I had thought long gone
    returned for an encore

    Earlier I had longed for binoculars
    for my camera with the long lens
    to get closer to the great blue
    to this rare visitation
    but I finally understood
    that this was not about chance
    or the right equipment
    at just the right moment

    It was all around me
    at all times and telling me
    (like the policeman nearby
    who gave me the speeding ticket
    twice – in the same place!)
    to slow down
    to pay attention

    How often we forget
    that even those moments that feel
    like crossing a barren desert
    will reveal themselves to be teeming with life
    if we just


  5. Deedsy Indo says:

    Good afternoon Richard,

    I am a big fan (great blue heron big) of your work. I work right outside of a window that looks over a small lake and wild prairie and I am on the constant lookout for any wildlife activities. Please add me to your weekly emails and feel free to contact me to talk nature stories any afternoon.

    Happy photo hunting,


  6. Linda says:

    Hi Richard,
    Would you be able to present a collection of your still wildlife photos to my photo club called Wildlife Photographers of Silicon Valley? We hold meetings the third Monday of every month at Harry’s Hofbrau in San Jose. Here is our URL:

    The purpose of our club is both entertainment and education. Therefore, incorporating how you shot your pictures or general tips are appreciated. Our club has a 1024×768 projector and screen available. You can choose to present at our April through November meetings.

    Please let me know if and when you are available. Thanks!

  7. Robert J. Weaver says:

    i’m avid birder with about 50+ years in, since boy scouts, doing photography last 30 years, so they both came together. Have been out to S.F. six or seven times, will be out two weeks beginning of May, could i make some requests as to where i would be best to visit, i’ve usually been out in Oct. or Feb.,
    Your work is just amazing, i’m quite more than impressed keep up your wonderful images, and add me to your emails,

    much thanks,
    Bob Weaver
    Newport, R.I.

    • admin says:

      I have added you to my email list

      • robert j. weaver says:

        Hello R ichard,

        I’m now in S.F. with my friend & his wife, have been to the beach,
        and cliff house, pt. Reyes, tomorrow off to Monterey for two days,
        then another week here.

        Could you give me some help in where i might go to find some
        Trumpeter Swans to photograph???

        Haven’t had many shorebirds here, but hope to be able to
        photograph more at Elkhorn

        Number i’m staying at is (415)-401-8218, or please email, maybe i’ll be fortunate enough to catch up with you before i head back to R.I.,

        many thanks,

        Bob Weaver

  8. cay cross says:

    Would love to use your magnificent photo of the crow and the kite in our wildlife profiles for kids. We would love to give full credit and your website link:) We need high res, 3″x5″ and how you would like to be credited.

    Wonderful work!
    cay cross

  9. Joe says:

    I was referred to your great site by Jaya at Adventure Buddies. I am a birder in the Sierra foothills and recently attempting the transition from film to digital. I like your site and would like to be added to your newsletter/blog

  10. Donna Kleinert says:

    I so enjoyed speaking with you today when you called about your airlines reservation. Thank you for telling me about this site – I would so appreciate you including me in future emails and updates. Your photography is superb and your observations process is unique! Love it! What a great life! Thank you for bringing the beauty of creation to all of us who are not able to travel to see it!

  11. Penny says:

    I love your work and look forward to the book!!

  12. Rob Browne says:

    I live in the SF Bay Area. Please include me in mailings on future exhibits.
    Thank you.

  13. Patty Spinks says:

    Your work is amazing. I was able to see your exhibit at the Atrium in Greenbrae not long ago… it was amazing. I hope I get to meet you in person some day.

  14. Corona says:

    Your house sounds intriging!

  15. Clarissa Bush says:

    I love the caption for Mast Lines!

  16. Bhimaprasad Maiti says:

    What a grat idea.All kudos to you

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